We are chasing a creative D[eveloper]ruid

What does it mean to be a Druid today? A lot of the time, when asked, people seem to think of Druids as long bearded men in white robes cutting mistletoe with sickles under the full moon. We never had this image of a Druid.

Druids are people who understand the nature of technology and humans. They are one with TECH. A Druid is versatile, because they have abilities that understand both humans and technology. They are technopath’s, and by manipulating technology they improve speed, reduce risks, and makes magic understandable for humans.

Though people might believe Druids live only in nature, many modern-day Druids actually live in cities and are committed to use their magic to write readable codes. They value quality, and consider performance and fast page loading as critical for good user experience. As a Druid at Betr you are a spell caster and your shapeshifting skills will be a resource when you work with various tasks from ideas to finished product.

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